Lingam Massage

The Lingam Massage is definitely the focus on the conclusion for each massage therapy, some refer to it as a Happy End. On this page we putt the concentrate on the build-up electricity and should be eliminated for this particular en overall peaceful experiencing.

It will probably be applyed afther every one of the massages you have orderd on our internet site.

The Lingam Restorative massage is not the objective but rater an additional benefit massage which is exceptional for a gentlemen to not have an orgasmic pleasure within this session. The Lingam can be a eroticsm of your maximum regular.

Are you prepared ? Now we will drive the influx!

Which support a part of this package

  • Intimate activation, powerful orgasm
  • completely Satisfaction
  • Complete rest of mind and body
  • Free of charge
  • Unique oils.
  • It`s offered with all the other massages.

Whether you might have orderd a consistent normal Swedish restorative massage or possibly a Delicate at every form of therapeutic massage you can expect to receive a free Lingam massage therapy home. Were you aware that it is possible to previously make a choice of the gorgeous masseuses?

Go to our webpage these days and requested the young lady you like! These incredible females work every day to provide the “hard operating men” the received rest. Take a look at our special packages on our price ranges site and choose the package that is best suited for the finest!  

Note: service available from 9AM to 5AM on Monday to Sunday.


For the full nuru treatment in Amsterdam we are welcome to provide you with the best as possible service. This old Japanize method is done with a special Nurugel this lubricant known for its cleansing and detoxifying properties


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