Four Hands Massage

A “Swedish” Massage is naturally a magnificent minute of relaxation time that is done by four hands and wrists. Visualize then what a number of palms can achieve that move correct and synchronized across your oiled body. There may be nothing like it! The masseuses working with several fingers at the same time in balance with tasty and fragrant oil that may be 100% guarantees a sensational and unique moment. The Regular Package offers more than double the end result is a unique and unequalled comfort for your whole body !

Which support contained in this package deal

  • Two Amazing and ravishing masseuses
  • Synchronized Swedish Massage therapy method
  • Relief from pressure, better circulation of blood
  • Free of charge the pleased-conclusion (Lingam Restorative massage)
  • No additional charge for hotel support
  • completely Assure Pleasure

Every one of our well-skilled masseuses have perfected the art of skilled restorative massage and are specializing in the massages which we provide on our web site like the 4-hands. We of masseuses are very meticulously determined by our standards and naturally their character, patience, excellent, enthusiasm and looks personality. This enables us to express with guarantee that you are experiencing at Four Hands Massage Amsterdam sublime and unrivaled moment. Remember to select a couple of our most beautiful masseuses right after your very own decision under the page masseuses on top of the page

Note: service available from 10AM to 5AM on Monday to Sunday.


For the full nuru treatment in Amsterdam we are welcome to provide you with the best as possible service. This old Japanize method is done with a special Nurugel this lubricant known for its cleansing and detoxifying properties


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